4 Fav Vegan Meal Ideas

In this video I show you 4 of my FAVORITE vegan dishes I am obsessed with right now. These dishes are pretty simple and take less than 30 minutes to make. They're packed with veggies and nutrition, and you can totally customize them with your favorite ingredients. I hope that these inspire your next home made meal, because eating vegan and healthy can be fun, creative, and DELICIOUS!

How I Manifested Clear Skin

In this video, I talked about how I struggled with acne breakouts for about a year, and how I managed to clear my skin with THOUGHT ALONE.

Vlog 17: Typical Days in My Life

So if you already know me, you may know that I have several different "jobs". In this vlog I show you a couple of them, one being promotional work for brands at conventions & events, and another being video production. Video editing is a big part of my life. Even though it seems super boring, I tried to show you that side as well. 

A conversation on pursuing your passion & putting in the work with Leonor!

In this video, my friend Leonor, is here talking about the things she does to pursue her dreams on A DAILY BASIS. Learn how she prepared to perform her music live for the first time ever, and how she KILLED IT and stole the whole show. We also talk about mindset, attitude and how she keeps her vibe high.

My 10 min makeup routine

Today, I am showing you my super quick and easy 10 minute makeup routine for when I feel like wearing makeup! Watch this video to get ready with me!

Vlog 16: Working CES 2020 + going vegan?

In this vlog, we make s’mores in the backyard (yum), have a paint night at the house with our roommates, and I introduce you to our roommate’s cat, Bowie, aka the most precious kitten ever. Then I take you around CES 2020 where I worked for 6 DAYS.Oh and during this time we decided to go vegan, so I take you to a great vegan spot for breakfast!

Happy 2020!

In this video, we review everything that happened in 2019. From shows, to trips, to how well our business went, we go through it all. It was actually really fun going through each month and revisiting what happened. I highly recommend you try it! Now's a great time to go through your calendar or journal and reflect on what happened. What was good or bad, and what lessons you learned. For us, we were surprised to see how much our income increased over each month. Something we didn't realize until the numbers were directly in front of us!

I started a worm compost!

Now that we have a home with a yard, I really wanted to have a garden in the back, with a compost. I did a lot of research on worm composting and that its rather easy to maintain, doesn't smell, and to me its a win-win! You avoid contributing to landfills, and you get nutritious "black gold" (worm poop) for your plants!

We tried the spicy noodle challenge!

Our roommates, Brooke and Marco, joined Oscar and I in trying out this mukbang challenge. If you guys don't know, a Mukbang is where you eat in front of the camera and is super popular on YouTube lol. Ours didn't go as planned though, watch what happens when we attempted to eat really hot, spicy noodles.

The Judy Diaries: Episode 15

We moved! So Oscar and I decided that the downtown living was not for us. We found a nice big home that we could rent with some family. We found someone to take over our current lease and we were moved out in 1 day! The problem? We didn't have anywhere to move into for a whole week! Watch what happens in this moving edition of the Judy Diaries vlog!

Conversations w/ Judy & Oscar: Ep 2

In this episode we chat about what it's like working together. Because we live and work together we're around each other 24/7. We talk about the pros and cons of working together, how we stay balanced, and our tips for other couples who are working together.

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