Vlog: Working CES 2020 + going vegan

Hey guys!

Here's another vlog episode with a few moments from the past couple months.

It starts off with me and Oscar dancing ridiculously to one of the songs he produced. Doesn't the song just make you wanna bounce?!

Then, after some s'mores, and a paint night, I introduce you to our roommate’s cat, Bowie. (aka the most precious kitten ever!) I'm a little obsessed with him. He's only like 7 months old, so freaking cuddly, and just plain adorable. He will probably (definitely) make more appearances in future vlogs.

Then I take you around CES 2020 where I worked for 6 DAYS (2 orientation days + 4 convention days). I worked for a Korean company, and got the chance to hang out with some cool Korean people for the duration of the convention. I learned a lot about Korean culture, some phrases, and this cute thing they do called finger hearts... It's where you make a little heart with your thumb and index finger. Isn't that the cutest thing you've ever seen?

Oh meanwhile, me and Oscar decided to go vegan. We watched a documentary on Netflix called "Game Changer." I've always been kind of borderline vegan but now we're trying to go full blown vegan. So we had breakfast at Violette's Vegan. I used to go there with my friend a lot but haven't been with Oscar. He was surprisingly really into it! They even had a bunch of different oracle cards to play with there. Totally recommend for some vegan traditional breakfast food.

That's it for now... Leave me a comment if you already knew about finger hearts or if you've watched Game Changer on Netflix yet!

See you in my next video or blog post! *insert finger heart emoji*