The 2021 Conscious Holiday Gift Guide - Handmade, Eco-Friendly, Non-toxic, Small Business Gifts

It's everyones favorite time of the year - the holidays!

This year, I want to inspire conscious consumerism through curating this collection of products that not only will delight your loved ones, but also do good for them, and the planet.

These gifts were hand selected because of their earth friendly attributes, all natural ingredients, or in the support of small businesses - Hooray!

So let's dive right in!

*Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are our own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission.


For the Home

Handmade Porcelain Mug - $27

From Etsy Shop UtopiaLifeStudio

Why I love it: This adorable mug is handmade and individually glazed, making each one unique. It's finished with food safe, lead-free glaze. The size makes it the perfect winter mug to sip a hot drink and to warm both hands in. I can just see the Instagram photos with this one! Etsy also offsets carbon emissions from shipping and packaging on this purchase.

"All of the pottery at Utopia Life is food safe and handmade.

A lead free porcelain glaze is used in their creation.

All of my pottery is food, dishwasher, and microwave safe.

This mug is made of porcelain and is glazed by hand. Because it is fired at high temperature, the glaze is smooth and the density is higher.

So when you finish your coffee, it's very easy to clean."

Handmade Wavy Soy Pillar Candles - $13 Each

From Etsy Shop LeBonCandles

Why I love it: These awesome, unique candles are handmade, made from vegan soy wax, and a super cool addition to anyone's home. A conversation starter, your loved ones would appreciate this simple, yet thoughtfully designed decor piece. Etsy also offsets carbon emissions from shipping and packaging on this purchase.

Ceramic Cookware Set - $395

From Caraway Home

Why I love it: For the health-conscious chefs in your life. Regular non-stick pans such as Teflon contain potentially toxic materials. Caraway's cookware sets are non-stick, non-toxic, and I mean, just look at how beautiful they are!? They even include a storage solution for their pans and lids so your cabinet will never look like a mess with these.

Nordic Hand Knitted Throw Blanket - $33+

From Etsy shop ChunkyWoolStudio

Why I love it: Gifting someone something soft and cozy is always a good idea for the holidays! This beautiful knitted throw is hand knitted and made of all natural wool. It comes in multiple sizes and colors. Feel good knowing you are helping out a small business, and Etsy will even offset the carbon emissions from shipping & packaging on this item!

Herbal Intention Scented Soy Candle - $22.22

From Etsy shop SentientSelf

Why I love it: Give the gift of abundance, love, healing, happiness, and more! These 12 oz soy scented candles are made with a specific intention in mind. They contain genuine crystals and herbs to help manifest the desired intention. They're made with 100% soy wax so no harmful toxins get emitted when burned like paraffin wax. Plus, Etsy offsets carbon emissions from shipping and packaging on this purchase.


For Her

Retrograde Shimmer Oil - $36

From Iris of the Moon

Use code JUDYRINA at checkout for 20% off your purchase!

Why I love it: There's nothing better than the luxurious feeling of putting on oil after a shower or bath. This unique combination helps you relieve stress, while being nourishing and shimmery - what's not to love! It also has just the right amount of shine and doesn't feel greasy. Read more about the intention behind this product below. This is the ultimate self care product you can gift someone for those who needs a little more self care in their lives!

"An aromatic, floral fragrance bottled in shimmer oil for hydration, calm, and relaxation. Sink into stillness with this therapeutic shimmer body oil. A bouquet of lavender, chamomile, and ylang ylang invites you into a sacred container for you to release stress, mental tension, and anxiety. Rosemary and evening primrose guard your skin and energy from chaotic energy while nourishing the body and soul. A dash of black shimmer brings out your inner shine while acting as a spiritual guard from negative forces."

Turmeric Latte Blend Mix - $22

From Etsy shop OneStripeChaiCo

Why I love it: With the colder weather, nothing feels more cozy than taking a sip of something warm and delicious. The fact that it's healthy too? Now THAT is a gift.

Turmeric is known widely for its anti-inflammatory and gut-benefitting properties. Prefer to gift a set? They also sell a box set with a chai latte mix, this turmeric blend mix and a strainer!

"Our turmeric latte blend features a single-origin heirloom turmeric, ethically sourced by our friends over at Diaspora Co, paired with freshly ground organic black pepper and organic cinnamon. Black pepper enhances the absorption of turmeric's active ingredient, curcumin, while cinnamon provides a slightly sweet finish to balance out the earthiness of turmeric. The blend is easy-to-use and can be be consumed hot or iced!"

Cotton Waffle Handmade Robe - $60

From Etsy shop DaLiUA

Why I love it: This natural cotton bath robe makes a luxurious and functional gift for anyone in your life! It's handmade from 100% cotton so it's all natural. It looks super flattering, soft, and comfortable - perfect for snuggling up and lounging around the house in.

Handmade Eco Wool House Slippers - $53+

From Etsy shop Kuoni

Why I love it: These slippers are hand made from 100% sheep and alpaca wool, meaning all natural and non-toxic. Wool is a natural fiber, so it doesn't shed plastics the way polyester does and is compostable. And because fleeces regrow every year after shearing, wool is a natural, renewable fiber source, so you can feel good about giving these cozy slippers to anyone on your list! Buyers on this item are raving about how warm and comfortable these are!

Rose Quartz Face Roller + Mermaid Elixir - $69

From Etsy shop MermaidJulisa

Why I love it: This facial massage bundle is perfect for the beauty gurus in your life. The rose quartz & rose gold plated roller promotes healthy circulation, lymphatic drainage, and muscle relaxation for youthful looking skin. The Tamanu oil is free of toxins, ethically sourced, sustainably harvested, and promotes healthy skin renewal.

"Certified Toxic-Free by Safe Cosmetics Australia. Raw & unrefined. Our cold-pressed tamanu oil is extracted without heat or solvents. Free of any additives, fillers, oils, palm oil, synthetic preservatives, animal-derived ingredients and GMO ingredients. Sustainably harvested in Vanuatu from tamanu trees growing in their natural state by the sea and free from pesticides."

Handmade Camel Leather Tote Bag - $206+

From Etsy shop VermutAtelier

Why I love it: For the ones in your life that appreciate simplistic, yet beautiful design. This leather tote is handmade and made with vegetable tanned leather, which if you're getting leather, vegetable tanned is the more eco-friendly option and all natural option. This tote is durable, and will last for years to come, and since it's natural, it will biodegrade.

Crocheted Ear Warmer Chunky Headband - $18

From Etsy shop IzettaJane

Why I love it: These chunky headbands are super cute and stylish. They're handmade and you're supporting a small business when you give this gift! Also, when you shop with Etsy, they offset carbon emissions from shipping and packaging on this purchase.


For Him

Table side Fireplace - $115

From OurGreenHouse

Why I love it: Cozy up to a fire with your loved ones over this super cool tabletop fireplace! Enjoy some warmth without the soot, with this handmade cement design. A conversation piece, and it's safe to cook over (hello s'mores!) this piece is a cool gift for anybody. And it's made in the USA!

Personalized Engraved Leather Wallet - $30

From Etsy shop StayFinePersonalized

Why I love it: This is a great, affordable, and stylish gift for the men in your life. It's handmade and you can engrave it to personalize it with their name on it and even make it more heartfelt with a message inside so they think of you every time they open their wallet!

Handmade Linen Pants - $70

From Etsy shop BytheWayShop

Why I love it: These super cool linen pants are handmade with 100% linen, a plant based fabric. The guys in your life will appreciate its loose fit, comfy and cool style, that they can wear indoor or outdoor. Since they're handmade, these would make a great unique gift that you can't find in stores! Etsy also offsets carbon emissions from shipping and packaging on this purchase.

Handmade Sheepskin Slippers - $41

From Etsy shop Lefushop

Why I love it: With the colder weather, everyone can use a nice cozy pair of slippers for the house. These ones are hand made, with sheepskin leather outside and white eco friendly fur inside. And from the reviews, they're super comfy and warm! Etsy also offsets carbon emissions from shipping and packaging on this purchase.

Beer Soaps Set All Natural Vegan - $29

From Etsy shop HomeBrewedSoaps

Why I love it: This set of handmade soaps has a unique twist - they're made with home brewed beer! Perfect for the men in your life who loves beer, these soaps are made with all natural and vegan ingredients, and housed in recycled packaging.

Aplaca Wool Handmade Knit Socks - $20

From Etsy shop GoWithUs

Why I love it: These soft thermal socks are great for keeping toes warm in the winter. They're made from natural materials (alpaca, and wool), meaning they're hypoallergenic. They're breathable and lightweight. Etsy also offsets carbon emissions from shipping and packaging on this purchase.

Handcrafted Leather Boots with Upcycled Soles - $127

From Etsy shop PortugueseTreasures

Why I love it: These cool & rugged boots are handcrafted made with leather and recycled car tires as the soles. Leather is durable and will last for years to come, and unlike faux leather, it is a natural product that will biodegrade. Etsy also offsets carbon emissions from shipping and packaging on this purchase.


For Babies/Kids

Rocking Arch, Climbing, Ramp, and Pillow - Starting at $99

From Etsy shop WoodandRoomUA

Why I love it: This Montessori inspired piece is multi-use and multi-purpose. It's made with natural materials and handmade. It can be used as a climbing arch or rocking arch, and you have the option to add the ramp or pillow for the full experience. This gift is hours of fun for your little ones! Recommended for children ages 10 months to 8 years.

Hot Cocoa Sensory Board - $24+

From Etsy shop ModernSilo

Why I love it: Sensory kits are a typical montessori developmental activity. They allow kids to explore, discover, imagine, create while engaging their senses. This is a cute hot cocoa themed perfect for the holiday season! For children 3 and up.

"Besides being fun and calming, sensory kits have SO MANY BENEFITS to your child's growing mind and body. Benefits of sensory play include

* development of language

* cognitive growth

* fine and gross motor skills

* problem solving and scientific thinking skills

* engaging many senses at once

And it aids the child's development in physical skills such as shaping, splashing, scooping, or molding that may require many different muscles to work together at once."

Chunky Knit Oversized Sweater - $25+

From Etsy shop MilaandCoCA

Why I love it: These adorable chunky knitted sweaters are handmade with 100% cotton. They come in beautiful gender neutral, fall colors and are a perfect staple for a child's winter wardrobe! The pictures from the reviews are ADORABLE, and as always, Etsy offsets carbon emissions from shipping and packaging from this purchase.

Wooden Name Puzzle for Toddlers Baby - Varies

From Etsy shop ABOONstore

Why I love it: This adorable handmade puzzle toy is made with wood & non-toxic pain and is fully customizable. The rounded edges and raised letters make it safe and easier to grip for little hands. They even offer a stand so you can display it as decor in their room!

Wool Hand Knitted Booties - $22+

From Etsy shop KnittedTreasuress

Why I love it: Honestly, how can you not love?! They are hand knitted, made from 100% wool yarn, and they're just simply adorable! She makes sizes from newborn to 2T but it says she can also make bigger sizes with leather soles as well, if you've got an older toddler to shop for.

Baby Sheep Wood Stool Storage - $98-118

From Etsy shop WePlayHome

Why I love it: Not only would this stool be a great addition to a nursery or a kid's room, it even doubles as a storage solution! It's handmade from wood, and a perfect sized stool for kids. As a bonus, Etsy offsets carbon emissions from shipping and packaging on this purchase.

Wrap Up

I hope this inspired some amazing, conscious gift ideas for all the loved ones in your life!

Leave a comment what you thought and if you're getting anything off this list!