Systemic Racism, Police, and Privilege in America with Raynecia Hebert

After the death of George Floyd, protests and rallies have spread across the US to call attention to an issue that is deeply rooted in many systems within our country.

In a country where your skin color largely impacts where you live, where you go to school, what job you get, the likelihood of getting pulled over, or going to jail, there's no doubt that racism exists.

For people on the other side of this, people of privilege, it's important to understand and hear the frustration. We can help to make a difference, but it starts with awareness and understanding.

I had the pleasure of sitting down and talking to one of my friends, Raynecia, who has been passionate about speaking out on these topics so I asked her some of the common questions that I've been hearing people ask.

Such as:

- Why protest?

- Why do people riot/loot?

- What is systemic racism?

- What is white privilege?

And so much more.

This is an issue deeply embedded in American culture and will likely take more generations of evolution and awakening to really be able to say that racism is over.

However, I believe the little steps we take today will ripple out and make an impact larger than we can fathom. So let's continue these kinds of conversations, educate ourselves, allow their voices to be heard, search for solutions, and teach the younger generation to do better than we have.

This conversation only scratches the surface. Check out the resources below, they're filled with information, articles, links to donations, petitions, etc.


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