I'm Starting a Podcast! Quarantine Vlog

Hey everyone!

So, the quarantine has left me with lots of space and time in my hands (as I'm sure you've felt the same way) and last week I felt really inspired to start a new project.

I love creating content, whether it's YouTube videos or blog posts, or anything else. I'm passionate about delivering positivity and inspiration to you guys, and I think that a podcast will allow me to do that faster and more frequently.

With videos, its a lot of hard work, recording myself, getting lighting right, the angles, and making sure the camera is focused on me. I've gotten good at it, and I also get help from time to time. But sometimes, I'll shoot something where I'm saying some really good stuff, but if the footage doesn't look good, I will most likely toss the whole project!

So I'm really excited to announce that I will soon be launching THE JUDY DIARIES podcast very very soon. Stay tuned for the official launch date!

In this video, you see the behind the scenes of me recording my intro and the first couple episodes. I'm learning a whole new program to record the podcasts, and its a whole different skill set than the videos. So you see me getting pretty frustrated at times.

But when I got into the flow of things, and I was able to relax and really record from my heart, it was SO satisfying and reassuring. I'm so excited for this next chapter in my life with the Judy Diaries Podcast!!

Let me know if you will be tuning in to the podcast in the comments! I'm so excited for this.

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Stay safe out there.

Lots of love,