How to feel good when you are down [Simple tips to raise your vibe & eliminate negative energy✨]

Hi everyone! Today I am talking about ways to raise your VIBE when you're feeling low.

We all have bad times and we go through ups and downs. Sometimes its so easy to be in a good mood and other times it's so difficult! Or we may find ourselves stuck in a rut.

And I'm here to say, that it's totally okay to have ups and downs and not have good days. But you don't want to stay in that energy forever. Which is easier said than done.

Sometimes we just need a little patience for ourselves, and allow ourselves to feel the emotions coming up. But when you're tired of feeling low and you're ready to change up the energy, here are some things you could do.

  1. Get in touch with nature - I like to spend time checking in on my plants and looking for new signs of growth. They inspire me when I see how they're thriving and growing so effortlessly. It reminds me of my core that I am part of nature, and that I can also be thriving like they are.

  2. Take a shower or bath! - I love the cleansing feeling of taking a shower. If I am having a bad day, I imagine the water washing away any negative emotions or energy off my body. Afterwards, I feel like a whole new woman!

  3. Open up the blinds and windows and let in some light and fresh air! - This is a simple step that will totally change the vibe of a room. Air out the room and let any stuck energy flow out the window.

  4. Move your body - Dance, exercise, jump around, do some yoga, stretch your body. It doesn't matter what you do but if you move your body around, you're shifting the energy in your body and you're also shaking up the energy in the room. Shake it up, baby!

  5. Light up some sage or Palo Santo - I love to do this as a ritual every day. Make sure the windows are open so the smoke has a place to go. I love Palo Santo because it is said to not only get rid of negative energy but to also bring in the positive energy as well. So I Palo Santo all the corners of the room, taking extra time around the windows and doors and saying affirmations out loud like, "this space is only for peace, love, joy, abundance, and negative energies do not feel welcome here." If this sounds too woo-woo for you, your belief is all that matters. If you believe in something is working, then it works for you.

So those are just few really simple tips that will help you move the energy around in your body and in your surrounding so you can feel good, and bring in those positive vibes to your home! ✨✨

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xoxo - Judy.

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