The bright side of being quarantined

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone is enjoying this time of the quarantine. I know these are very, very weird times for us all to live through.

I mean, this is something you would see in a movie right? The whole country is shut down from a single virus, people panic, grocery stores are empty, more panic.

I felt a little comforted when I heard that these kinds of things have happened in the past, and some GREAT things came from them.

In the 1600's, everything was shut down to stop the spread of the Great Plague of London. During this time, Sir Isaac Newton worked on a few theories, including his theory of gravity. Shakespeare also wrote some of his best poems during the Plague of 1590.

So I started thinking, what is the purpose of our "social distancing". And I don't mean just to stop the spread of the coronavirus, which is also important. But I mean in the bigger picture.

Will there be other life changing realizations, creations, scientific experiments, musings, businesses, that come from this? I definitely believe so.

I think that's what happens whenever there is a cleanse.

It's like when the rain clears out all the dust, pollution, and ickyness from the Earth. What remains is clarity, blue skies, birds chirping, a rainbow, and a chance for new plants and flowers to emerge.

In the most obvious sense, it's to cleanse our society from this disease.

But also on an individual scale, everyone is cleansing themselves, their bodies, their minds, their homes.

A 30 day staycation for everyone? Can you imagine how much space, clarity, and focus people will have after this is over?

I mean, what if we all took this time to rest our bodies and our minds.

We're usually so wrapped in our daily lives and routines, the busy-ness of life, to numb ourselves and drown out any thoughts that may not be pleasant, or that we don't have time for.

Right now we're blessed with nothing but time to focus on ourselves, our minds, and our bodies.

We could work on those dark corners of our minds that need healing, as well as the corners of our homes that need clearing.

What if we came out of this 30 day cleanse so revitalized, so refreshed, and ready to take on our brand new ideas, with a new kind of force and vigor.

And we used this time to be creative, start new projects, and put new things out into the world. I bet you our society as a whole will be so much better after this, because things that come from this time will be from people's SOULS.

New conscious businesses emerge.

New content creators with a new perspective.

New books to read, better movies (with NEW storylines, not just part two's and three's)

Who know's what will come from this! All I know is, what's on the other side of this is a better world, better society for ALL of us. Not to mention, the global connectedness that we all feel that we are all one fighting a disease together.

I always believe that everything that happens is the best possible thing for us at all times.

So I'm really grateful for this moment of pause for all of us.

And I can't wait to see what amazing things come from this.

What are your thoughts on this? Leave me a comment below.

xoxo - Judy