Corona Virus Talk?! What to do during the quarantine...

It's another conversation with Oscar & Judy!

Today we're talking all about the corona virus, the effects it's having on society, and what to while we're all being quarantined.

For me, it was really important that we got out and got our bodies moving. So even though gyms are closed, I wanted to go to a park to stretch, exercise, and make this video.

We all know the corona virus is affecting our daily lives. With no school or work, people are panicking about fears of the unknown, stockpiling on groceries (and toilet paper).

It's true we need to be cautious about the virus (sanitation station, check!) but being in fear and panic doesn't help anything. It actually weakens the immune system.

So in this time of pause that we all manifested (staycation, anyone?) what will you spend your time doing? Netflix and chilling? Or you can try some of these suggestions below:

Some other things you can do during the quarantine:

  • Work on that idea you've been thinking about

  • Learn that new skill on YouTube you've been wanting to learn

  • Garden

  • Clean and declutter the house

  • Create a vision board

  • Start a podcast, blog, YouTube, etc.

  • Journal and explore what you're feeling right now

  • Express your fear and emotions through art

  • Dance

  • Play

  • Plan that trip you've been wanting to go on (for later in the year or next year)

  • Anything else you've been waiting to do because you've been too busy!

Now is the perfect time to start something new, and ask yourself what it is you really want in life, your career, etc. Now is the time to be still and get clarity.

Let me know how you're going to spend this time! And remember to be grateful for this interesting time, because when everything is back to being mundane and boring, you'll be wishing for something else exciting to happen.

xoxo - Judy