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    My first tarot deck! + how to choose your own

    Ohhh tarot cards.

    What are they?

    Do they tell the future?

    Is it witch craft?

    I found myself getting more and more drawn to these mysterious decks of cards. From social media, to podcasts, to seeing people out in real life playing with them, they've found their way into my awareness in multiple ways.

    I was originally drawn to the artwork that these decks have. There is such a variety of decks and styles of art. There's words on the bottom like "the sun", "the moon", "death", and "lovers". But other than that, I knew nothing about them.

    Even though the aesthetic could have got me, I'm usually pretty skeptical. Like, no matter how much people swear by astrology, it still doesn't totally resonate with me.

    But these cards? There was something way more mysterious about them.

    I would bring it up to people and they would get kinda nervous about them.

    "Isn't that like witchcraft?"

    "Why do you need to know your future?"

    I started looking at YouTube videos and watching people do readings with their tarots. I watched a Pick-A-Card reading from the Gem Goddess where she lays out a few different piles for you to pick. You choose the pile that calls out to you the most, and you skip to that timestamp where she reads the pile of cards you chose. I thought that video was super cool and oddly accurate.

    Few days later, we found ourselves at a Psychic Eye Bookshop. I perused the walls of book, jewelry, candles, trinkets, and instruments. My eyes came across the Aleister Crowley Thoth Tarot Cards in the case that was locked. I was kinda nervous about it, like I didn't know if I should get it. I walked away from it and looked at other stuff, then I'd go back to it. I went back and forth in my head for a bit about whether I should get the deck.

    Finally I decided to go ahead and buy it. But after I did, I was like "fuck yeah!" I was super excited about it. I immediately started reading the little booklet that came with the deck.

    From there, my tarot journey began. I watched even more YouTube videos on how to read the cards. I studied the cards, looked at all the artwork on each card. I did readings on myself, my boyfriend, and all my friends, looking up the meanings of each card as they came up.

    The whole idea is just being present with the cards, and asking the universe to deliver any messages, what to look out for, and any other guidance. Each card has a meaning or message behind it. It could indicate something going on in your life in the present, some possible outcomes, people, other forces, and anything else!

    I think it really just depends on the user what you get out of it. I really love using these cards as a tool to get present and listen to divine guidance. My boyfriend thinks of it as a game - which is totally cool too! Even if it is a game, I'm still gaining something from it. Because it's making me look into ideas and people that I would not have otherwise.

    I also really like doing readings for friends. So far, every person has been pretty receptive to the cards. Even if they were skeptical, they all found meanings and messages in the cards that had to do with something in their lives, offering them clues and insights to current situations and possible outcomes.

    So I wasn't trying to tell their future, or anything like that. I just would show them, like "here's your cards, here's the meaning behind these cards, does any of this resonate with you?" And they would connect the dots and give meaning to what they think the cards are telling them. It's actually a lot of fun and a great, unexpected way to connect with your friends.

    I just wanted to put this out there, that these cards are not really scary or a big deal. It's really what you make of it, and I just think it's a really fun addition to my life!

    My thoughts on the Aleister Crowley Thoth Deck and choosing your own deck!

    So this was my first ever tarot deck, so I didn't know what to expect. I did a search online and I got sooooo many results for so many different decks I got overwhelmed and stopped my search. A friend told me to check out Psychic Eye and pick one out in person. The only deck they had was the Aleister Crowley Thoth Deck in both the large and pocket edition. I chose the little pocket edition.

    Once I got my hands on these babies, I was totally fascinated by the art. The little booklet comes with lots of information on the meanings of the cards and the artwork. I found this to be super helpful. It even gives some history behind the deck, the astrology, and the Kabbalah used in the artwork. I had originally wanted a deck that was more modern in aesthetic, but I've actually grown quite fond of this deck and the artwork.

    * side note * I was told by a friend that you shouldn't buy your own deck and that you're supposed to wait for a friend to buy one for you. I also heard that you absolutely should NOT let anyone else choose your deck and you should get a deck that calls to you... I chose to believe the latter. But it's really up to you.

    I chose to go to a physical store so I can get a feel for the cards before I bought them. But there's plenty of decks online and blogs reviewing and comparing decks. I would definitely do my research and look for art that draws you in the most. I can't wait to get another deck, and when I do, I'll let you guys know about it!


    What do you guys think of tarot cards?

    If you have a different deck, what do you think of it?

    Let me know!

    xoxo Judy