Manifesting Clear Skin! How I did it + some tips on dealing with acne

In this video, I talked about how I struggled with acne breakouts for about a year, and how I managed to clear my skin with THOUGHT ALONE.

Within that year of having constant breakouts, I went on so many different diets to see if anything I was eating was causing this horrible curse on my forehead. I removed everything from my diet: meat, dairy, carbs, grains, oils, etc. in hopes that I would one day see my skin the way it was before. At one point I was only eating fruits and veggies. After some concerns from coworkers, friends, and family about how skinny I'd become, I gave up and started adding things back into my diet.

I would spend so much time in the mirror fixated on my pimples. Constantly reapplying tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar, and any other homeopathic remedies I had read about. Finally my boyfriend was tired of my feeling sorry for myself about my acne, and told me to STOP GIVING IT SO MUCH ATTENTION.

Omg, why didn't I think of that?

I thought of a popular quote "What you put your attention and energy on, expands."

I had read so many books on manifesting and law of attraction. Why didn't I think to apply it to that?

I stopped giving my power away to some little red dots on my face. And I decided to start focusing on the future I did want. Me having clear, beautiful, radiant skin that I didn't need to apply makeup if I didn't want to. I would take selfies and not feel bad about myself. I would feel more confident.

I started writing it down in my journal. I would just write about how grateful I was that I had clear skin - before it actually happened. Just like manifesting anything else, I pictured myself already having the outcome, and feeling all the emotions that come with having what I wanted.

I wanted to be CLEAR on the skin that I wanted, so I even created a Pinterest board for the skin I wanted to have. Girls with smooth, glowing skin graced my boards and I would look at them for a minute then close my eyes and imagine looking in the mirror and seeing that.

Just like in manifesting anything else, a big part of this process was LETTING GO. I had to let go of the need to control, and constantly put stuff on my face that I believed was helping them (although it definitely was not). I had to TRUST in the process, and have faith that my body was capable of healing on its own. I also had to let go of an old identity that I was someone who struggles with acne. I CHOSE to believe that I was someone with naturally clear, low maintenance skin, and that this is temporary experience.

So to wrap up, here's everything I talked about above

1. STOP giving acne any attention - this means don't pick at them, don't put products on them, and try not too look at them!

2. FOCUS on the skin you DO want - I used Pinterest boards, meditation, and journaling

3. BE GRATEFUL for your soon-to-be clear skin because it's going to happen!

4. TRUST that your body will heal on its own

5. LET GO of any old beliefs about you having acne.

These days, I know what triggers breakouts. Hormones, stress, poor diet, dehydration. But I'm grateful because they give me a clue as to what's going in my body before anything more serious happens. It reminds me to check in with what my habits are, and if I need to correct course in order to be my best, healthiest self I can be.

I believe our bodies are capable of healing from anything. It's our mind that tells the body how to feel, and react. It's important to not just see yourself as a victim to these but find ways to be grateful for them, and to feel empowered to overcome them.

I actually feel like I learned and grew a lot during this process, so I'm thankful that I got to learn this lesson. I think these steps can also be applied to healing from any other physical ailments we may be dealing with.

Let me know in the comments if this helped you out in any way!


- Judy

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