How I quit my day job + 4 lessons I learned

So a lot of people ask me how I got my start into doing everything I'm doing.

From photography, to videography, to graphic design, to modeling, my work varies from day to day and I love it that way.

Here's my story on what it was like taking the leap from working a day job to full time creativity. If you skim through it, check down below for the summary (TLDR) plus the 4 lessons I learned from this part of my life.

About a year ago (August 2018), I finally quit my 9-5 desk job. I worked there for almost 4 years during and after I got my degree in Finance. It was a pretty steady, full time job with a decent salary and all the retirement and health benefits that anyone could ask for. By most people's standards, it was a pretty sweet gig for just graduating college.

BUT, I could not see myself working there any longer. I was so over being cooped up in a little cubicle. I felt like a caged bird.

I started listening to podcasts, and reading books about becoming a freelancer, entrepreneur, or anything like that. I kept my mind full of motivational stories and messages until I finally had the courage to fly.

I had no idea what I was gonna do. At the time, the only thing I knew about was modeling. It's something I've always done since I was 16. I started doing photoshoots like every other day, and building up the portfolio. I made money by picking up trade show and promo modeling gigs from Craigslist. In Vegas, we have so many conventions and trade shows happening ALLL the time and companies need promo models or brand ambassadors for their booths. If you're interested in learning more about that, I have a video on my YouTube explaining some of the ways I figured out how to make money by modeling.

Doing these photoshoots and gigs opened myself up to meeting new people and getting more opportunities. Things that wouldn't have happened if I had to keep working all the time. The more I was out there, the more I was networking and things just started snowballing. I even met my boyfriend, Oscar, at one of the photoshoots.

Then, Oscar started teaching me photography and video editing so I could help him create content. I watched YouTube videos all the time to learn new tips and tricks for editing videos. And now those skills are just tools in my toolbox that I can use for myself, for people around me and to make money.

Not having a 9-5 meant that I had more time to work on myself, my skills, and my network. Imagine working 8 hours a day, 5 days a week on yourself, your business, or your craft. There's no way you wouldn't make huge leaps towards your own goals!!

Of course, not having a steady salary check every 2 weeks was a little scary. Like, a LOT scary at some points. But every month, something always came through when I needed it, or I asked for help from friends and family. (Shout out the people who helped me out through these tough times!) And some people didn't get it or support me but that's okay.

I just love this graphic, and when I posted it to my IG the other day, a lot of you loved it too! I'm not sure who made this picture, I screenshotted it from @goodquote I think (not positive!)

I definitely learned a lot from this transition period. But I'm happy to say, that everything always works out for you in the long run. I really believe that it all unfolds in your highest interest. And when some things don't go your way it's a lesson to be learned and still in your best interest!

TLDR (Too long, didn't read):

I worked at a desk job for 4 years. After I left, the time and freedom I got back allowed me to learn new skills that I now use to make money while being free and creative.

Lessons I learned from this period in my life:

1. Do it for yourself

Not everyone (even family or close friends) will support you in everything you do and that's okay, they don't have to! Be confident in what you're doing and why, and no one else's opinions will matter.

2. Surrender

Let go of expectations. Your own expectations can sometimes block you from receiving what you want in ways you didn't think of. Surrender to what happens, however it wants to happen. Let that shit come to you any way it wants to. Don't be stubborn about it coming to you in a specific way.

3. Follow

Follow your instincts, your gut, your intuition, whatever you wanna call it. Follow that shit! That is what will guide you toward making the right next move for yourself, your business or anything. When you start something new, you're not going to have everything all figured out, that's impossible. But what you do know, is the NEXT step so just take that.

4. Embrace change

Change is just a part of life. It's a part of nature. Seasons change, planets orbit, life always goes on. Think of change as exciting. Like, who knows what's in store for you around the corner, maybe some really dope opportunities that will change your life as you know it.

There's probably a million more lessons I learned from this, but these were huge recurring themes for me. I feel like I still get reminded of these in different ways all the time.

I hope this inspires someone to go out and create the life they wanna live. Cuz I know so many of us feel stuck doing something they don't wanna do. I'm just here to show you there's something out there waiting for you!

Til next time,

xoxoxo - Judy

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