How to have a healthy quarantine! Peaceful things to do while in isolation.

Hello beautiful people!

In this video, I give you a few ideas on what to do while you're in quarantine. These are all things to slow you down, live peacefully, and avoid fear or anxiety. While also not inviting in lethargy or depression.

This is just what my idea of slow living during this time looks like. Feel free to make this your own and do whatever feels good for you.

Spend time outdoors

I know this is not possible for some people right now. But if its possible for you, try to get some fresh air and sunlight every single day. Whether that is just being in your yard, or on your porch, going to the park, or on a hike. And if it's not possible to go outside, then open up your windows and get some fresh air that way.

Limit time on social media

Social media is a great way to connect with people, but it puts other people's thoughts in your mind. Which means it can put fear, anxiety, depression, etc, in your life that wasn't yours to begin with. Have a healthy balance between being online, but also living your own life, having your own thoughts, and feeling your own feelings.

Do something creative

This is a great time to get in touch with your creativity if you aren't already. Find different ways to express yourself. Whether that is painting, singing, dancing, writing, pottery, crafts, etc. Use this as an outlet to explore all the emotions you have during this time, and maybe what's been bottled up inside you.

Get in touch with nature

You can do this by going outdoors, but you can even connect with Mama Earth from inside your home. Look out the window and admire the trees, birds, butterflies, and other life that may be in your view. Spend time with your indoor plants, and your pets. See what you can learn from them. They are the pros at the next step.

Just Be.

We are human BEINGS not doings. We don't have to fill up every minute of every day doing something. I know, I am guilty of this also. It's so easy to want to do, do, do. But just sitting in silence, being still and observing my thoughts. That's the best way to really tune in to yourself.

So what slow living tips are you going to try? Let me know by leaving a comment, or sending me a DM!

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Hope you guys enjoy this time. Who knows when we will get another time like this! Use this time to learn about yourself, learn more about life, and what is important to YOU. This is YOUR life to live, don't waste it by doing what others think you should do.

xoxo -Judy