How to Embrace Uncertainty and Use it in Your Favor!

How many of you guys have been feeling so weird, uncertain, and uncomfortable with how things are going right now??

I know I definitely have been feeling in-freaking-sane lately.

Things aren't going the way I want.

I feel confused.

And I think a lot of us have just been in a weird place lately because the whole world is in the midst of a whole lot of uncertainty.

Even the leaders we often look up to - they don't know what the crap to do.

So I looked back to my old notebook of where I journaled every day while I was transitioning from working a stable 9-5 job, to when I found my wings and decided to fly... with ZERO certainty about where I was going to land. A whole lot of uncertainty, but it was a time that I REALLY looked forward to and embraced changes.

What I found in that notebook was a lot of affirmations, a lot of keeping my spirit and my vibration high. Because I knew, if I felt any hint of doubt or fear, it would take me off course to where I wanted to go.

I also did a lot of scripting. Scripting is one method of manifestation, where you write in present tense, what you want to happen.

For example, I would write something like "I am SO FREAKING GRATEFUL, that I get to wake up in the morning feeling so excited for the day. I get to go and work on something that I am super passionate about and that lights me up! I get to hang around people that inspire me and who support me"

Even when it wasn't necessarily true for me at the time, it was going to be true in the near future because that's what I was attracting. And I spent time to really feel as if that was the reality, and I got specific as I could about the feelings I wanted to have.

So in order to get through this time of uncertainty, look at life through the lens of wonder and curiosity. Like, "what exciting opportunities might be around the corner for me", or "I can't wait to see the magic that shows up in my life right now."

I really do believe when things aren't planned, you leave room for magic. You're more open to the universe to deliver the things you have been asking for.

Now just make sure you're asking for the things you want in your life by focusing on what it is you'd like to attract, instead of filling your mind with worries, doubts, or fears.

Now more than ever, it's our duty to make sure our vibration is high, and we stay focused on what we want. There's a big shift happening.

Now is the time to start anew, and to be very intentional about what you allow into your life.

Hear the full podcast on this where I talk about:

  • shifting from nervousness to excitement

  • more on scripting

  • my examples of scripting from the past

  • what to do when things aren't going your way

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Until next time, hasta la vista!

xoxo - Judy

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