3 Journal Activities to CRUSH Your 2020!

I love the end of the year because it's the best time to reflect on how life is going. What's working, what's not working, what needs to change, etc. The new year is like a fresh start. A time to focus on manifesting things that you want and letting go of things that you don't.

Most of us probably already have an idea on what we would like to achieve in the new year. But some of us might not have any clue! If you're part of the second group, read on to uncover what your true desires for the new year may be.

Journaling is a great way to get your thoughts down on paper and it's a great way to learn more about yourself. To me, it's a crucial part of manifesting my dream life because I have to sit there and think about what I really want in my life.

So, here are 3 activities you can do in your journal or on a piece of paper. These will help you get clear on the things you want to attract more in your life, and what you don't.

Activity 1:

More & Less

This one is super simple but very effective. Just make a list of things you want more of in your life and things you want less of. It's very powerful because you're not only reminding yourself in clear terms what you want to focus more on, but you're also telling the universe that these are things you are open to. So don't be surprised when you start getting random opportunities and invites to things that align with your "more" list.

Activity 2:

Ideal morning, day, and evening routines

Have you ever taken a moment to think about what your ideal day looks like? If you would like to live your life intentionally, meaning you create and design your life, you have to design your routine and schedules. Even if you think you are far from living your ideal life, you have to know what your ideal day looks like so you know where to make changes. How you choose to write this down is up to you. Whether you want to schedule out time blocks, or just write a list, be totally honest and don't limit yourself! I first did this activity when I was working my 9-5 desk job and I HATED waking up to an alarm clock every morning. So my ideal day started off with waking up to the sun shining in my room. Now, I almost take it for granted that I wake up most mornings without an alarm clock.

Activity 3:

Things to do before I die.

So this one is really fun because you can just let your imagination run wild. What are some things you absolutely want to do before you die? No limitations, if you really would like to experience it before you go, write it down. This exercise will uncover your deep down goals and aspirations. The ones you don't normally focus on or write about when you're doing your normal goal setting. This one allows you to think really big and long term. After you get your list down, note which ones you can start working towards now. Don't put these lifelong dreams on hold, no matter how big or small they seem. I'm sure there's a few you can get started on now!

After you've completed these 3 activities, I encourage you to keep journaling. Maybe there were some common themes you found, or if you learned anything new about yourself. What are the main goals you have for yourself?

I'm sure your mind will be SWIRLING with ideas, possibilities, and ambition. This would be a great time to make a vision board so you can capture this energy and revisit it every time you see the board.

After I did these exercises myself, I felt extremely motivated to start planning some big trips for the next year. I realized I can't just wait for the perfect opportunity to come, I have to start making these a reality for myself!

Let me know how these activities worked for you, and what was the biggest lesson in it for you.

Until next time!

xoxo Judy