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Back in 2015 I graduated with my Bachelor's degree in Finance. I had already secured a great full-time job in a life insurance company with all the benefits, a 401k plan, and a decent yearly salary. I was promised bonuses and raises every year.

I was set for life right?

Adulting... Am I doing it right?

 I would wake up every morning at 6am, get ready, pack my lunch, and be in my cubicle by 8am-ish. I couldn't complain, my job was pretty chill, I liked the people, and I was learning a lot.

Oh, and I had the weekends off to party, which became what I lived for. During the week, I would work and come home too exhausted to do anything in the evenings. Then I would go out every Friday and Saturday night, in a new outfit, stay out late, recover on Sundays, then be back at work on Monday at 8am. 

Meanwhile, now that I had started to make some extra money, the only thing I knew to do with it was spend it, and spend more than I had. I started racking up a decent amount of credit card debt with my excessive shopping, lack of budgeting or control, and "retail therapy".

This was the first time I felt like I was out in the "adult world". No more school, just working, paying bills, trying to survive. Meanwhile, numb myself with shopping, partying, boys, and whatever else kept me occupied. But this is what everyone else is doing, right?

This went on for a couple years until it just started getting old. I was tired of the work routine, I was tired of the bar scene. I was tired of feeling "broke" all the time, because I didn't know where my money was going. And I was tired of superficial relationships with guys who were just as lost as I was. 

If I fly on private jets, then I'll be happy... right?

According to what I've been taught, it looked like I was doing everything right. I had a good job, a cute little apartment with my best friend, and I was having fun on the weekends. 

But I was feeling so empty, so unfulfilled, and so dissatisfied with my life. I just kept thinking to myself, "this CAN'T be all there is to life! There's gotta be more than to just work, pay bills, then die."

At work, I started getting introduced to some self development books and training. We made vision boards, and watched Bob Proctor videos to get us motivated to hit sales goals. 


So I thought, well I have to just dream BIGGER. I feel empty because I haven't reached all my goals yet. I wanted to make MILLIONS of dollars, so I can wear super expensive designer handbags and shoes, and fly on private jets. THEN I will feel so satisfied!

My new goal was to become a super rich entrepreneur - then I would be happy, and everyone would be proud of me. I had started feeling restless at my job. I felt like a caged bird locked up in my cubicle all damn day. I needed to fly, I needed creativity. I need to start working towards owning my own business some day so I can fly on private jets! There's so much to do!


But wait... I started realizing how much of my life I was dedicating to this job.


40 hours a week just to pay the damn bills? Something ain't right here. 

How is one supposed to grow and work on anything for themselves if their ENTIRE day is dedicated towards being a slave? HOW??!

The answer is YOU CAN'T! Or at least that's what they want you to think.

Quantum leaping to my next reality, bye!

At my cubicle, I started listening through my headphones to the same self development books and videos we'd watch in our sales meetings. They were gonna teach me how to get hella rich so I kept absorbing. 

I eventually started venturing to other people who would talk about similar subjects. Through podcasts, I discovered young, female entrepreneurs that I felt much more connected to and spoke so much life in to me. They talked about how they started off in the same exact position I was in. Feeling lost, stuck, doing the same old toxic routines and feeling dissatisfied. To becoming happy, successful, self-empowered women who were working making a living doing what they love!

Wait what? 

You can do that?

I started thinking... if THEY could do it, then I could do it! Right?

I kept listening and absorbing. Getting more and more inspired every work day. I would listen on my drive to work, at my desk, during lunch, and the drive back. I would even listen while I'm getting ready in the morning.

I started learning more about life and about how the universe works, about how my mind and my thoughts work together with the Universe. I learned about the subconscious, spirituality, law of attraction, and manifesting. I started feeling SO ALIVE. So motivated. And so inspired... Like THESE were the things I was missing in my life!

Enormous leaps of faith

I started using those tools that I'd learned from those podcasts and videos in real life. I started feeling better about myself, about my life, and discovered how powerful I am. 

I started meditating, and connecting with myself, and I started to the trust the wisdom from my soul.

I eventually felt so empowered, and so trusting of my intuition, that I decided to take a giant, humongous, enormous leap of faith.

I left my job in August of 2018, to do... ????

Well I didn't know yet. I just knew I first had to create some space in my life in order to continue on this path of discovering, and creating my self, my purpose, and my path. 

I knew I was meant for something much, MUCH greater. So I knew that was my first step. 

I finally felt freedom.

I felt like nothing could stop me. I started taking huge leaps of faith all the time. Even when things looked risky and other people didn't understand.

Now it's my turn to help you.

I still continue to read and learn new things all the time. I'm obsessed with how to make my life easier, better, and more enjoyable. My journey is always continuing, and I'm passionate about my own growth.

I've realized that I feel more joy and fulfillment when I help other people along in their journey as well, wherever they are at in life. It's one of my purposes in life.

I want my blog and any other content I put out there to be uplifting, inspiring, and empowering. And remind people that they have their own wings to fly. Just like those podcasts did for me when I felt stuck and powerless. 

I want to encourage people to master their mind, thoughts, and emotions. To step into their power, do the things they love without fear of judgement or failing. And to become aligned with their TRUE desires (do you really want to fly in a private jet and become a millionaire? Or do you just want to feel freedom, security, fulfillment, and proud of yourself?)

I believe the whole world benefits when you get aligned with your true self. So it's now my mission to help you do that.



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