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I wanted a way to talk to you guys that felt more casual. Deep, introspective conversations... without all the frills and fuss.

So just as its more accessible for me to create podcasts, its now more accessible for you to listen to them!


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Shades of White Stone

Latest Posts

New Apartment Tour!

Oscar and I moved into a new apartment in the middle of summer in Las Vegas. Aside from the heat stroke, I bring you guys along while we make this place ours and make it feel homey. Catch a tour of our new apartment and I'll also show you some of my fav new furniture and decor items we got, where I found them, and for how much!

Adventures in Utah

After a crazy month, we took a trip to Utah to disconnect, and get back in touch with Mother Nature. 

Watch the vlog (and the bloopers at the end) and see the pics from the trips!

Systemic Racism, Police Violence, & Privilege in America

There's no doubt that racism still exists in America. I brought on my friend, Raynecia, to talk about why protesting is important, what changes need to be made, and how white/non black people can help support the black community.

Shades of White Stone

Embrace uncertainty, use it to your advantage!

Life IS uncertain. You never know what's really going to happen. But in the face of uncertainty lies a beautiful opportunity to be able to choose which course you want to take, within the infinite number of possibilities that lie before you.

How to lift yourself from a downward spiral

It's important to feel our emotions. And sometimes we have longer periods of feeling down, depressed, or even anger, and anxiety. We go through waves of up and down in this ocean of life. But here are some tips that will help you get through your dark days. 

Shades of White Stone

Self Love, Self Care, and Confidence

As Leonor says, "self care is the best care". So we chatted all about our fav practices for both inner and outer self care. We also talked about our self confidence journeys, and some tips to increase your love for yourself. Hear it on the Podcast or watch the video!

Podcast: Keys to thriving in uncertainty

For many people, there is a lot of fear, uncertainty, and worrying going on during this time.

Things may seem scary in the moment. And maybe life isn't going your way financially, physically, or emotionally.

But that doesn't have to be your story.

Choose to be THRIVING right now!

Keys the thriving during uncertain times
Shades of White Stone

Psst! It's your time to SHINE

If you want help:

- Moving past your fears

- Getting the motivation to start your projects

- Believing that you can do anything

Then you're ready to up-level your life.

I've created this FREE mantra meditation just for you. It is filled with empowering, believe-in-yourself, manifest-your-dream type mantras!

Hey beautiful person! 


My name is Judy and I'm passionate about helping people feel empowered.  Through the content I create, I love to bring positivity and inspiration to your everyday life.


I want everyone to realize their full potential, and remind them that they are worthy, deserving, and capable of creating and manifesting their dream life. I want everyone on this planet to live amazing, fulfilling, and BIG lives!


I want YOU to wake up every morning, feeling SIKED to get out of bed because you love where you are at in life. 

I mean if I could do it, EVERYONE can do it!

Quarantine Vlog

During quarantine of the Bubonic Plague, Isaac Newton discovered gravity... and Shakepeare wrote some of his best sonnets!

During the COVID-19 quarantine, I launched a podcast! See how it all started.

Raise your vibe with these simple tricks!

You ever just feel icky, stuck, bored, lethargic, or just downright depressed?

Get those good vibes flowing back in just a few simple steps!

Hey, quarantine is not that bad

Do you ever come back from a long break or vacation with a ton of new ideas, clarity, and new focus?

Well... imagine the world when we all come back from this quarantine!

Green fashion forward

Want to hear a story that will inspire the heck out of you?

I sat down with the founders of Satori Revolution, a loungewear and swimwear brand. Their mission? Making the world a better place!

Find out how exactly they're going about doing that mission. 

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